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Flax seed therapy packs are a natural way to relieve muscle pain, headaches, soreness, tension, cramps, swelling, stress, hot flashes, and many other needs. Flax seed is a durable and pliable material that gently conforms to the body. Unlike rice or corn (which contains mostly water), flax seed is comprised of 30-40% oil which retains heat longer and does not evaporate over time. When heated, The Smart Seed therapy packs retain heat for up to 1 hour, providing a gentle, moist heat. The packs can also be stored in the freezer to provide quick, cooling relief.

- Extra large body pack measures approximately 13" x 26" and contains 100% natural brown flax seeds. It is just the right size for the abdomen, back, and shoulders. Also works well as a foot warmer, pillow/bed warmer, or as weighted therapy to ease anxiety.
- The inner pouch is divided into six chambers to prevent seeds from shifting.
- Cozy cotton cover is removable and machine washable. Inner muslin pouch containing seeds is not washable (should not come into contact with water or soap).
- Packaged in clear cellophane bag with heating/cooling directions, care instructions, and fun facts about why the seeds so SMART!

To accommodate those who experience sensitivity to fragrance or have allergies, all shoulder wraps are made FRAGRANCE-FREE (100% natural brown flax seeds). To incorporate aromatherapy into your therapy pack, add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to the inner flax pouch (add additional drops as scent fades).

Microwave body pack for 2-3 minutes. Provides gentle, comforting heat therapy for up to 1 hour. Reheat as often as you would like.
To avoid overheating, begin with the lowest amount of time in your microwave. Time can be gradually increased as desired depending on the intensity of your microwave.

Store in freezer (in re-sealable storage bag) for 2-4 hours. Provides quick cooling relief for up to 30 minutes.

XL Body Pack

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