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Where can I buy your products?

All products are available to purchase online in the Etsy shop. Click HERE to shop!

Click HERE to view a list of retailers in your area.

Why do you use flax seed in your therapy packs? Does it smell?

  • ​The Smart Seed therapy packs are made with 100% natural flax seeds - no rice, corn, or other fillers. Flax seed is an herbal flower seed, rather than a food product. This eliminates the “food” smell found with other fillers.

  • Flax seed is small and smooth. It is a durable and pliable material that gently conforms to any body part and is much softer than corn or rice.

  • Unlike rice, corn, or other grain products (which are mostly water), flax seed is 30-40% oil which remains inside the seed to be warmed again and again. Most grain products lose their ability to retain heat as the water evaporates out of the grain.

  • Flax seed retains its heat longer than other natural fillers. Flax seed will keep half of its heat after one hour.

  • Flax seed can also be stored in freezer to provide quick cooling relief without the harsh effects of ice.

Can I wash my therapy pack?

The outer removable cover can be hand washed or machine washed on the gentle cycle; lay flat to dry. DO NOT wash or expose the inner muslin pouch containing flax seeds to water. If the inner pouch is exposed to water or moisture, it may be time to invest in a new pack.

​How long should I put my therapy pack in the microwave?

Household microwaves have different power levels ranging from 500 - 1650 watts, or higher in commercial units. Each product includes guidelines for heating times depending on the size of the pack, but consider heating for a lower time period if you have a very powerful microwave. When warming your therapy pack place it in the center of the microwave so that it does not touch the microwave wall and it can rotate during warming. If your microwave does not have a rotating tray, then stop half way through microwaving, shake the pack, reposition, and continue heating. This is to avoid scorching from hot spots in the microwave. The microwave must be clean, because food and oil may also create hot spots.

Flax seed is a natural material that can burn when overheated. If you overheat a flax seed pack, it could result in burned flax seeds, damage to the fabric, or fire. Use less microwave time when reheating already warm pillows. Staying near the microwave during heating is recommended. Keep your pack clean from oil to avoid creating hot spots that could lead to burning in the microwave.


XL Body Pack (12x26 inches): 2-3 minutes

Shoulder Wrap (7x27 inches): 1-2 minutes

Hot+Cold Pack (7x10 inches): 60-90 seconds

Teddy Bear/Fox/Owl: 60-90 seconds

Eye Pillow (4x10 inches): 30-60 seconds

Mini Pack (4x4 inches): 15-30 seconds

Hand Mitts: 1-2 minutes



My therapy pack overheated in the microwave. What can I do?

Once the flax seeds have been overheated or burned, your pack will continue to emit a burnt smell each time it is used. If your flax seeds have become overheated, it may be time to invest in a new pack. If you have followed all of the heating guidelines above and still experience an overheated pack, please contact us so we can help you with a replacement product.

How long does the therapy pack last?

Flax seed therapy packs will stay warm for up to one hour; cool for up to 30 minutes. They can be reheated and refrozen as often as desired.


As long as the seeds are not overheated or exposed to moisture, your therapy pack will last for many years. Therapy packs from The Smart Seed are made with a removable/washable cover* to help you keep your pack fresh and clean. Covers can be machine washed on gentle and laid flat to dry.

*Mini pack sets do not have a removable/washable cover.

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